Double-layered oak wooden floor

 Double- layered wooden floors are benefitial to use if there’s not sufficient space for using triple-layred or massive constructions, where we considering having floor heating and it also enables to provide the comfort of having wooden floor for affordable price. As well as triple-layered constructions, double layered floors combine durability and attractive look of massive wooden floors. They are made of surface tread oak veneer with thickness of 3,6 mm, spruce lamination middle layer with thickness of 6 mm, but without a bottom antislip layer, which means they are thinner and have poorer thermal resistance. They are also produced in a smaller format. Around the perimeter they are provided with a spring and groove. As a standard we offer microphase lengthwise. We can provide floor without phase on request or with phase on short sides. Double-layered wooden floors are delivered planed, ready to be layed and for other finishing work (cementation + surface finish). It’s also possible to have floors cemented, grinded, brushed, smoked and oiled into various colour shades. Triple-layered components can be either stuck or layed “floating floor style”. This type of floor is especially suitable for floor heating.


Sorting - Výběr

  • sound knots to 10 mm allowed
  • wood stain allowed
  • slight checks a strip of sapwood allowable

Sorting - Baryk

  • black knots to 20 mm allowed
  • sound knots to 55 mm allowed
  • slight checks a strip of sapwood allowable
  • wood stain allowed


  • thickness: 10 mm
  • width: 100; 120 mm
  • length: 1200 mm
  • other dimenzions to order