Solid Oak wood flooring

Floor planks are made of solid oak wood dried to humidity of 7 – 9 %. Around the perimeter they are provided with a spring and groove. On the bottom side there are grooves made by a milling cutter. As a standard we offer grooves lengthwise, on request is possible to provide flooring without phase or with phase on short sides. The product is suitable for customers who want a natural product made of Czech oak with its characteristic drawing and small imperfections (knots, sapwood) that are typical for this type of wood. Planks are delivered ready to be layed and for any other finishing work. They can be cemented, grinded, brushed, smoked and oiled into various colour shades.


Sorting - Výběr

  • sound knots to 10 mm allowed
  • wood stain allowed
  • slight checks a strip of sapwood allowable

Sorting - Baryk

  • black knots to 20 mm allowed
  • sound knots to 55 mm allowed
  • slight checks a strip of sapwood allowable
  • wood stain allowed


  • thickness: 14; 20 mm
  • width: 120; 150; 180 mm
  • length: 500 - 2500 mm (70% 1200 mm)
  • other dimenzions to order